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Rules and Regulations

Please be sure to arrive at the designated drop-off and pickup locations as scheduled. Tickets are considered void if it is not used on designated date of issue. Bus ticket is valid for same day round trip only. Tickets are non-refundable and non-changeable once issued. Passengers must be 21 years or older. Appropriate attire is required for boarding. Intoxicated individual will not be permitted to board to ensure other passengers' safety; a valid picture ID is required at all time. You are responsible for your own personal belongings. We can not be responsible for any lost items left on board, and/or delays caused by mechanical breakdown, road conditions, weather or other unforeseen circumstances beyond the carrier’s control. Reservation requires at least 24 hours in advance from departure date/time on weekdays and as early as 7 days in advance with certain routes on weekend/holidays. Cancellation must be made at least 24 hours from departure time. We reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for the well being of others.


Asian Bus Daily Schedule (to Mohegan Sun Casino) 











  Dorchester, MA (Fields Corner)  多徹斯特市  Front of Dunkin' Donuts  (corner of Gibson St & Dorchester Ave)

   9:00 am

  4:45 pm 

  Boston, MA (Chinatown)  波士頓市唐人街

  85 Bedford St & Chauncy St  (day run)

  next to "Chicken & Rice" 

   9:30 am

 11:30 am

   1:45 pm

 4:45 pm

 6:15 pm

 8:00 pm

  31 Harrison Ave & Beach St  (night run)

   9:15 pm

 3:45 am

  Quincy, MA       昆西市

  North Quincy T-Station  地鐵站  (Hancock St & Hunt St) 

  parking lot behind McDonald

   9:30 am

   1:15 pm

 4:45 pm

 8:00 pm

  Walmart (301 Falls Blvd)


   9:45 am

 12:45 pm

 4:45 pm

 8:00 pm

  Methuen, MA    馬市  Park & Ride Bus Station  (127-135 Pelham St)   8:30 am  5:00 pm 

  Lawrence, MA   羅蘭市

  C1 Buffet / Sakura Buffet  (73 Winthrop Ave, Plaza 114)

   8:45 am

  5:00 pm 

  Lowell, MA       勞威爾市

  LRTA  火車站  (Lowell Regional Transit Authority)

   9:25 am

  5:00 pm
  next to Dunkin' Donuts (457 Chelmsford St curbside)

   9:30 am

  5:00 pm

  Worcester, MA  威斯特市

  Binh An Market  平安超市  (64 Green St) 

  10:20 am

  5:00 pm

  Pilgrim Congregational Church  (911 Main St)

  10:30 am

  5:00 pm

  Malden, MA      摩頓市
  Malden Center T Station  地鐵站  (291 Pleasant St)

   8:45 am

 11:00 am

   8:45 pm

  4:45 pm

  6:15 pm

  3:45 am